The Thorsby Haymaker's Annual Rodeo is Coming!

Get excited for a packed weekend of fun at the Haymakers Centre here in Thorsby Alberta! The annual Haymaker Rodeo is fun for the whole family, with something for everyone to enjoy.


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Update on Lights in Thorsby

October 24 2023

As you may have noticed here in Thorsby the lights are on, then off, then staying on, some off, some on, and dark at night.

Fortis has been aware and working on it.  Here's the problem

Long ago the poles were operated on a relay switch system so it's hard to tell which one is causing the problem as Fortis believes there is a short somewhere.  Going forward once this is fixed each pole will have a sensor on it to make things easier.

Think of when you have an electrical problem in the wiring harness of your car and you take it to the garage and it takes hours to find and the bill is not much fun.  

It's complicated so we have to be patient

As for the billing to the Town you ask?  We are on a fixed rate so there is no increase.  We pay lights on or off.  

Hmm I wonder if we clapped under each pole?

Thanks for all your patience

-CAO Donna

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