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Bylaw Service Request Submission

If your Bylaw service request is about dog barking, please fill out a 7-day Bark Log and attach it to the request prior to submission. Thank you.

Bylaw Service Request Submission

Please provide all relevant details of your Bylaw Service Request, including but not limited to:

  • Details of offense
  • Location of offense
  • Person(s) of offense
  • Time of offense
  • Number of occurrences
  • Your name and contact information
  • All other relevant information

All submissions and complainants are confidential. However, submissions will not be considered unless the Bylaw Office has the name and contact information of the complainant.

Reporter Information

Report Information

If possible, please include the date and time (estimate acceptable) of the incident.

Please provide as many details as possible for the Bylaw Office to follow up on.

If you have any relevant images or files pertaining to the submission, please include them here.
Do not include any graphic imagery that may be sensitive to view.


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The maximum total size of all files in a single form submission is 1 GB.