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Thorsby Elementary School

We're well aware kids love to play and exercise, but the environment they learn is also extremely important to their development which is why every parent wants to know their child is receiving the best care when at school.

Look no further than Thorsby Elementary!


Mission Statement

Our mission at Thorsby Elementary School is to guide students to become responsible global citizens who are life-long learners intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.


We value Relationships: therefore we will encourage, build, and maintain positive relationship with our students, staff, parents, and community.

We value Respect: therefore we will promote respect and responsible behaviour for all members of our school community.

We value a Safe & Caring Environment: therefore we will provide our students, staff, and parents with a welcoming environment with open lines of communication.

We value Passion: therefore we will be passionate about life-long learning hoping to encourage the same in our students.

We value Professionalism: therefore we will continue to develop our professional practices to enhance student learning.

We value Physical & Mental Health: therefore we will promote the physical and mental health of both our students and staff.

We value Inclusive Education: therefore we will support the diverse needs of our students helping them reach their academic potential.

We value Collaboration: therefore we will nurture an environment where staff collaborate and support each other.


At Thorsby Elementary School we believe in helping students:
- reach their personal potential
- become life-long learners
- grow to be contributing members of society

Our staff strives to provide an atmosphere which will foster:

- value and respect for each person
- a positive, safe and caring school environment
- cooperation, patience and tolerance toward others

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