The Thorsby Haymaker's Annual Rodeo is Coming!

Get excited for a packed weekend of fun at the Haymakers Centre here in Thorsby Alberta! The annual Haymaker Rodeo is fun for the whole family, with something for everyone to enjoy.

Blizzards & Floods


Treat these severe winter storms with respect. Their high winds, extremely low temperatures and heavy snowfall can endanger lives in minutes. Know how to survive if trapped in your car when a winter storm strikes by having an emergency car kit.

  • Dress in layers for warmth.
  • Be prepared to wait out the storm indoors if possible.
  • Ice and freezing rain can cause power lines to break. Know how to protect yourself and your home in periods of extreme cold.
  • Ensure you travel with at least half a tank of gas.
  • Emergency car kit consisting of shovel, sand, salt or kitty litter, traction mats, tow chain, compass, cloth or roll of paper towels, warning light or road flares, extra clothing and footwear, emergency food pack, axe or hatchet, booster cables, ice scraper and brush, road maps, matches and a ‘survival’ candle in a deep can (to warm hands, heat a drink or use as an emergency light), fire extinguisher, methyl hydrate (for fuel line and windshield de-icing), flashlight, first-aid kit with seat belt cutter, blanket (special ‘survival’ blankets are best).

Flash Floods

A flash flood sometimes occurs with heavy rainfall.

  • Get to higher ground.
  • Listen to the radio.
  • Avoid already flooded areas and fast flowing water.
  • Immediately get out of a stalled vehicle in rising water.