The Thorsby Haymaker's Annual Rodeo is Coming!

Get excited for a packed weekend of fun at the Haymakers Centre here in Thorsby Alberta! The annual Haymaker Rodeo is fun for the whole family, with something for everyone to enjoy.


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Thorsby Hydrant Flushing in Progress

May 1 2024

Hydrant Flushing will take place for two weeks starting April 29th, ending on the 10th of May.

You may experience a loss of pressure, or water may look yellow or brown because of flushing - it is not contaminated. If you get these colours in your water, run your taps for a few minutes until it clears up.

Hydrants are flushed to improve water clarity, appearance and quality by clearing settled iron and other minerals from the water mains (distribution pipes). By flushing a lot of water through the pipes, these settled minerals are stirred up and are flushed out of the mains. This is a common occurrence.

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