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Tax Bylaw #2022-04 Has Been Passed!

May 25 2022

Update from Mayor and Council,

The 2022 Budget is Passed!
At a Special Meeting of Council on April 24th, 2022 Council passed the 2022 Budget. It has been a tough 2.5 years with COVID and in 2020 Thorsby residents were provided temporary tax relief which we know helped many residents during a very tough pandemic.

Covid is now ebbing in its intensity and the Town of Thorsby is now back to full operating capacity which we are all very excited about as this means life is returning to normal. The town is also facing challenges such as inflation, reduced Federal and Provincial funding and the requirement of the
Province for all municipalities, no matter their population, to pay for RCMP Policing, which are a valuable and necessary support in our community.

With all these changes and pressures, we were able to mitigate an increase no greater than the rates prior to Covid. Residents will see their taxes go back to the 2019 Rates in 2022; with a small addition to cover the RCMP levy by the province. Administration has worked hard to keep costs down by finding efficiencies within the organization and only engaging in projects that are absolutely necessary at this time as to not burden the ratepayers further because we understand the pressures everyone is facing.

The average residential tax payer will see an increase. This translates approximately to a 26% increase and a $490.00 increase on the average household.

We would also like to remind you about our monthly payment option that is available to help spread the cost out over the year. Please contact the Town office for more information.

-Mayor Hostyn and Council

View the 2022-04 Tax Bylaw Here

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