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Town of Thorsby Fire Status Information

May 1 2023

Thorsby has downgraded its fire restriction and is now under a fire advisory.

Open burning with issued fire permits and fires contained within approved burn barrels or firepits are acceptable. All fire permits are issued as per the Forest and Prairie Protection Act, and may be issued during the advisory at the Fire Guardian’s discretion.

While we have received rainfall some areas remain fairly dry. Everyone is encouraged to continue practicing fire safety.

If you see a fire, please call 9-1-1 and report it as soon as it is safe to do so.

Fire officials will continue to monitor conditions, and will update the public of any change at albertafirebans.ca.

Thank you

Fire ban downgraded to a restriction for Thorsby

Effective immediately, Thorsby is no longer under a fire ban. The fire ban has been downgraded to a fire restriction.

Under a fire restriction, no open fires are allowed, and all open fires must be extinguished immediately. All fire permits are suspended, as per the Forest and Prairie Protection Act, and no new fire permits will be issued for the duration of this restriction.

Citizens can use cooking and heating appliances – such as barbecues, meat smokers, firepits and patio heaters. Citizens can also use approved burn barrels and fire pits but should use extreme caution.

Fire Services will continue to monitor conditions and update the public at albertafirebans.ca when the restriction is lifted, downgraded, or another fire ban is issued.


Thanks to the rainfall we received, the Town has lifted its ban on lawnmowing for the time being.
Please bear in mind that all Fire Ban conditions are subject to changing weather and wind. If weather returns to extremely hot and dry conditions we will put these precautions back in place to help protect the community.
Thank you for your understanding, and an extra thanks to all first responders who have been working under extreme conditions to keep all of our communities safe.
All other prohibitions remain in place unless stated otherwise in future updates on this post.
Please continue to monitor this post and https://www.albertafirebans.ca/.
Lawn mowing is prohibited as a part of the fire ban.
Rest assured the municipality will not enforce bylaws pertaining to lawn mowing upkeep on properties while this ban is in place, and after the ban is lifted there will be a grace period as well.
Mowing your lawn can cause blades to collide with rocks and ignite grass around you. This can quickly become a fire that grows out of control in the wind and heat that we are experiencing.
Everyone from the Town team extends our gratitude to first responders both on and off the field, as well as to residents and community members who are diligent in helping prevent further outbreaks of wildfires.


A complete Ban on recreational ATV/UTV use is now in effect within the Town of Thorsby due to EXTREME fire risk. This ban will remain in effect until further notice.

Due to low precipitation, high winds and warm temperatures, grass and light leafy vegetation is at extreme risk for ignition from ATV and UTV exhaust systems. Tall grass, crop residue etc., along trail systems and wild land areas can often ignite from direct exhaust, and/or direct contact with exhaust and sparks from mufflers and piping. This ban includes all off-road vehicles such as quads and dirt bikes, and applies to all Town owned lands and public roadways.

Please note: required agricultural and industrial operator ATV/UTV use is exempt from this Ban; however, extreme caution and continuous monitoring are advised.

Good morning, everyone:
The Town of Thorsby is now under a fire ban. There is an extreme risk of wildfire due to dry conditions.
No outdoor fires are allowed – including open burning and fires contained to approved burn barrels, firepits or charcoal barbecues – and all outdoor fires currently burning must be extinguished immediately.
The discharge of fireworks is not allowed.
Please limit the use of power tools to indoor facilities that power tools are designed to be used in. This is to prevent sparks from catching fires. 
Citizens can use cooking and heating appliances – such as barbecues, and patio heaters – fueled by liquid fuel like propane or natural gas.
If you see a fire please call 9-1-1 and report it as soon as it is safe to do so.
Fire officials will continue to monitor conditions, and will update the public at www.thorsby.ca and www.albertafirebans.ca when the ban is lifted or downgraded.
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