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Lawnmowing Thank You!

June 7 2023

Congratulations Thorsby – you did it!  You get 10 grass blades out of 10 from administration.  Well done.  Just a friendly reminder that the alleys behind your properties must be mowed against your fences and a commercial property must mow outside it’s fence perimeter against the fence as well.  Remember everyone has boulevards, that piece of grass to the front of your home (before or after sidewalk) and as a commercial property to the street. 

Boulevard means the area between the street line and the nearest edge of a roadway and/or the area separating the roadways or a divided highway.

How do we know you all did great?  We drove every street!  Only 3 letters going out.

After the deadline this month, we’ll have another report.  Let’s make it ZERO letters next month.  We dare you!

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