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MA Alberta Emergency Plan

MA - Alberta Emergency Plan - Sept.2021

Message from the Managing Director

Over the past decade, Alberta has experienced some of the most impactful disasters in Canada.
What has been clear over this period is that Alberta is well served by its emergency management community. A deliberate approach to continuous improvement and capacity building has resulted in improved preparedness, more capable response, reduced impacts, and improved recovery outcomes.

To continue forward in our efforts to effectively prevent, prepare for, respond to, and
recover from disasters, it is vital Alberta continues to enhance its disaster risk management capacity and provides a clear roadmap for the future.

The Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA), in collaboration with other provincial
departments, agencies, and federal and non-governmental partners, has revised the Alberta Emergency Plan (AEP). Developed under the mandate of the Alberta Emergency Management Act and Government Emergency Management Regulation, the AEP serves as the principal descriptor of Alberta’s approach to emergency management.

The AEP describes a framework within which the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of
stakeholders are reflected across the emergency management cycle. The AEP also outlines the policies, processes, and procedures required to effectively and efficiently manage risks and respond to emergencies and disasters in Alberta. For the first time, the AEP presents not only Alberta’s emergency management system as it currently stands, but charts a path forward through the presentation of system components currently under development.

This approach signals a commitment to preparing today for the challenges of tomorrow and building resilient systems through dialogue, collaboration, and cooperation.

The AEP enables a sound provincial emergency management system that strives to protect
persons and property, preserves the environment, and insulates the economy from the impacts of emergencies and disasters. Interspersed throughout this plan are text boxes highlighting some of the many recommendations from previous assessments of Alberta’s past disasters. 

Recognizing that disaster risk management requires strong partnerships and shared
responsibility, we are now asking Alberta’s emergency management stakeholders for their
feedback on the AEP 2021.

Through the remainder of 2021, we will incorporate input from local and regional partners, and build this input into a revised plan that will be released prior to hazard season 2022.

Once approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs, the AEP will be amended as necessary through a process that is managed by AEMA. 

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