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Special Ballot Approved for By-Election

May 21 2014
Special Ballot Approved for By-Election

At a special meeting of Council on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, Thorsby Council voted to include a special ballot for the upcoming by-election. If you are unable to vote at the regular voting station on June 2 (Election Day), you may now vote by special ballot. Applications are available until 4:30 pm, Friday May 30, 2014 and may be requested in writing, fax, or in person. Thorsby residents may also download the application form here.

In order to vote by special ballot, you must identify yourself as an eligible voter when you submit your application. You need to return your application with a photocopy of one piece of valid ID, which may include a Driver’s License, government photo identification, property tax assessment notice, utility bill, vehicle ownership or insurance certificate, bank/credit card statement or personal cheque, statement of government benefits (pension plan, social security, disability support. “Identification must show the name and address of the elector,” says Chief Returning Officer Jason Gariepy.

“The special ballot provides another option for any eligible voter who is unable to vote on Election Day. This is the first time Thorsby has permitted the use of a special ballot and I look forward to seeing how many residents apply for it,” says Gariepy.
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