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September 19 2018
Community Standards Bylaw #2016-18 section 2.7.4 prohibits the deposit of commercial flyers/private flyers, advertisements on power poles, light standards, municipal trees, benches, flower containers, garbage cans, sign posts, or other municipal, provincial or federal properties.

While the intent of the bylaw is to limit visual nuisance and unsightly/unmaintained advertisements throughout the community, it also restricts the ability to allow community appropriate material to be displayed.

The proposed change will allow for the issue of a no fee permit to allow community appropriate material to be displayed and which will control the responsibility issues of maintenance, take down dates etc.

The existing and bylaw amendment  may be viewed below:

Bylaw 2018-10 Amendment to Community Stds Bylaw 2016-18

Bylaw 2016-18 Community Standards

Please contact should you have any questions or concerns regarding the proposed amendment.

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