Posted on Wednesday May 23, 2018 at 11:34AM

Do you want to find out if a fire ban is in place, either for Thorsby or elsewhere you may be planning to visit in Alberta?

For up to date information, please check out the Alberta  Fire Bans Website (link shown below) to confirm the current status of fire ban in place for the Town of Thorsby. 

When accessing the website for information on Thorsby, please enter your location as Leduc County.

You will need to zoom in and double click, possibly a couple of times to activate a detail description which should then appear on the left hand side of the screen as shown below.


Author: Town of Thorsby


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Thorsby has a superb water management facility with membrane filtration and excess capacity.

If you're looking to start or move your water based business, we could be the perfect location!  Contact the Town Office to find out more.
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