Utility Services


The Town of Thorsby is the provider for this service. New owners must contact the Town Office to ensure correct billing information. All water bills are kept in the landowners name only, not renters. Water billing is based on consumption (6m3 minimum) and is sent out monthly.

Garbage & Recycling

Garbage pick up is every Friday and recycling pick up is every second Monday. This service is billed on your monthly water bill.


Epcor: 310-4300.


Direct Energy: 420-7838 or 1-866-420-3174.

Utility Consumer Advocate

Looking for help to compare electricity and gas prices in the area, view historical rates, or get help resolving utility related issues, check out Alberta Consumer Advocate website at https://ucahelps.alberta.ca/


Did You Know?

Thorsby has a superb water management facility with membrane filtration and excess capacity.

If you're looking to start or move your water based business, we could be the perfect location! Contact the Town Office @ 780-789-3935 to find out more about our wonderful water treatment plant!