RCMP / Protective Services

  1. Protect yourself first.
  2. Call 9-1-1 right away (get an emergency response coming).

Being a best witness means describing the following:

  • The exact location.
  • The activity that is occurring.
  • The people involved.
  • The vehicles involved.
  • Discussions / comments overheard.
  • If someone leaves, the direction of travel.
  • Don’t hang up, continue to update the dispatcher as activity occurs.
  • Write down everything you remember as soon as possible.

Road Conditions

For current road conditions contact the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) at 780.471.6056 or www.ama.ab.ca.

Municipal Enforcement

Phone (780) 789 3935 ext 21
Please leave a message and an enforcement officer will return your call at the start of the next scheduled shift, or email bylaw@thorsby.ca
R.C.M.P. Office - 5340 - 50 Street
Complaints/Emergencies (780) 789-3950
Administration & Information (780) 789-3951



Did You Know?

Thorsby has a superb water management facility with membrane filtration and excess capacity.

If you're looking to start or move your water based business, we could be the perfect location! Contact the Town Office @ 780-789-3935 to find out more about our wonderful water treatment plant!