Emergency Evacuation

Listen To TV / Radio And Follow Direction

Follow instructions regarding evacuation routes. Exposure to chemicals could put you at risk, and unnecessary traffic could hamper emergency operations. Evacuation routes will be chosen according to the specific situation, but will generally be the most direct routes to a major highway. Once on the road, exercise courtesy and common sense.

If you must evacuate:

  • Take your evacuation kit.
  • Assemble only the essential items you will require for the short term. No matter how important your possessions are, your health and safety take precedence. Take items appropriate to the care, feeding and entertainment of infants and young children. Pets should be caged or on a short leash. Don’t forget any necessary medications or prescription drugs.
  • Shut off utilities.
  • Leave your home locked. Do not restart heating, ventilating or pilot lights.
  • Obey the instructions of emergency personnel who are directing or redirecting traffic.
  • Do not attempt to collect family members from other locations. They will be following the evacuation procedures appropriate to their location.
  • Your safety, and the safety of those in your immediate care, should be your primary concern.

Did You Know?

Thorsby has a superb water management facility with membrane filtration and excess capacity.

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