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Business Life in Thorsby

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Business License Application

All businesses working in Thorsby are required to hold a valid business license, regardless of where their head office may be located, this also includes all door to door businesses, trades and sub-trades and home based businesses and not just the business with a store front.

2020 Thorsby Business License Form

If you hire someone to do work in your home or business, ask them if they have a local Thorsby license (not a provincial license or license in the community that their office is situated). You can check out licensed businesses on our website through the Business Directory link.

All businesses  are required to re-new their business license each year in January.  Full payment must be received before the license will be issued.

New home-based businesses are also require to fill out a Town of Thorsby Development Permit Application prior to business license application to ensure the proposed business is compliant with local bylaws.


Did You Know?

According to municipal census, The Town of Thorsby showed a 8% population increase from 2012 to 2015.

The old sign which proudly stood on guard to the North entrance to Thorsby was updated in 2017, following change of status from Village to Town - Population 1025