Alberta Emergency Alert

The Alberta widget is connected to the production feed and it is polling for alerts every 75 seconds. When alerts are received, the polling period increases according to the number of alerts to display to the user.

The widget will show the title of an alert plus whatever fits in its area for displaying alerts. Clicking on an alert description will navigate to the Alberta site to show full details on the alert plus the map indicating where it is happening.

Widget States

The widget has fours states: NO ALERT, TEST ALERT (green), INFORMATION ALERT (yellow), and CRITICAL ALERT (red). The alert titles define the kind of alert to display.

In GREEN, YELLOW and RED alert states, the widget displays a console with buttons corresponding to the alert color in progress. Clicking on an alert button will show a popup message with a summary of an alert without navigating to the Alberta site.

In a NO ALERT state (gray), no buttons are shown in the widget's console.


Did You Know?

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