Posted on Wednesday March 07, 2018 at 04:29PM

Council is committed to find better ways to engage our community members and to encourage public participation .

We understand not everyone wants to attend meetings and so we hope through the use of a survey tool accessible through our website and Facebook page, we can reach more of our citizens and provide another option to better engage our community in a way that may work better with their family time constraints.

This particular survey was provided in paper form at the recent Open House held on March 3, and we are hoping to reach a wider audience through electronic media for input on animal control, facility usage and possible alternate options for future delivery of utility bills. We hope you can spare a few moments to respond to the 15 questions in the survey. Paper copies are available at the Town Office front counter, please click on the link below to accesses the survey.

Your time and participation are appreciated.

Author: Town of Thorsby


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