Message from Mayor Rod Raymond

Posted on Friday November 03, 2017 at 12:05PM

First off, on behalf of myself and council, I would like to thank the residents of Thorsby for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Although we didn’t get to meet everyone when campaigning, we heard a constant theme. Water and sewer; which is at the forefront of what we need to concentrate on, during our term in office.

Secondarily to that is transparency and communication. It is our intention, that every other week, we put an article in the Target just to give everyone an idea as to what we are doing. I might not always write it myself, but someone on council will do so. My fellow Councillors have additional excellent ideas, to improve transparency, communication, and community engagement. Please be patient with us, as we work through them.

Thirdly is security: we, as a community, experienced a horrific incident, where one of our own lost his life, protecting his livelihood. In a decent, respectful world, this would not have happened. Times are different, and we need to protect ourselves. A local citizens group has started the process with the reintroduction of Citizens on Patrol, which over time will help us. Lastly, we need continuing fiscal responsibility, while still providing required services.

The learning curve is very steep for all new members of council. We are fortunate to have experienced, competent town staff that can support and help us along. We are also fortunate that previous council members have offered their support and experience. In our community we have a lot of under-utilized talent and experience we wish to “tap into”.
We are in an enviable location, regarding future development. We have so many things going for us, but we all need to work collectively towards improving our community. This is my chosen community, and this is your community. Let’s all continue to work together making a safe, vibrant community, that we can be and are proud to call home.

Author: Town of Thorsby


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