Water Update for Residents

Posted on Wednesday August 02, 2017 at 01:06PM

We appreciate the patience of the public while we continue to work on solutions, and we acknowledge the frustration in what appears to be a less than desirable speedy solution to the matter. Water treatment is a complex operation and we must ensure that any steps we take are approached logically and measured for result or impact for the problem to be resolved. If everything were to happen simultaneously, it would be difficult to clearly identify which of the actions taken produced the desired positive results.

Last week we reported that we were liaising closely with Alberta Environment and Alberta Health, regarding the taste and odour issues and to help address concerns raised by residents. That continues to be true, and since that time, site visits and inspections have been completed by both Alberta Environment and Alberta Health and we have passed both inspections and are in compliance for all testing.

Water tests carried out by both the Town and Alberta Health continue to come back clear for results which we understand has been a concern for many residents. We propose to publish the reports and our regular weekly sampling results to our website during this period to reassure the public that our water is safe to drink despite the odour and taste that is currently affecting our water.

Sample results July 29 28

Crews are continuing flushing work in low flow areas to assist with circulation and quotes have been received and are in follow up for raw water pond desludging; However, two of the companies contacted have indicated only approximately twelve inches of settlement, generally this would be expected to be considerably deeper for the given accumulation period before removal, and which we believe speaks to the expertize of our operators, past and present, on the timing of diversion of water from the North Saskatchewan at optimum times. This lack of expected sediment, has directed us to undertake a pond study to investigate further, the overall condition of our raw water ponds in an effort to establish if there are any other additional factors to be considered in seeking remedy to taste and odour issues, before we commence any removal activities.

Information is also being gathered on other possible chemical treatment options to condition the surface water source for odour and taste before process, and which can be guaranteed not to impact resident’s health, nor impact processes or infrastructure at the water treatment plant, this is in addition to seeking other possible long term, physical system type of solutions.

We appreciate the input from residents and which is providing us with important data on how the distribution system is responding to any changes we make. We encourage residents to let us know of improvements as well as any issues, as this is equally important data.

Please add your comment and location for tracking purposes on the form at the end of the article, or if you prefer not to leave personal information in a public forum, please feel free to drop by the office or report by phone 780 789 3935.

Author: Town of Thorsby



My water still is not clean, and still tastes and smells horrible. Just letting you know the condition as of today's date. Location-4906-46 st.

Posted on Wednesday August 02, 2017 at 06:40PM by Tracy Young

Water update

5324-54 Ave

Water is once again clear. There is a slight smell and slight earthy taste. We are able to drink it again. Much, much better than it was last week!

Posted on Wednesday August 02, 2017 at 06:56PM by Cedar Williams

Water update

I live in the cul-de-sac by Westower, my water still has a bad dirt smell, the water from my taps are clear, but the water in the toilets bowls are getting a yellow colour to it.

Posted on Wednesday August 02, 2017 at 09:39PM by Donna

Bad again


Water has a bad odour and moldy taste again today. It is still running clear but we have to switch back to bottled water.

Posted on Friday August 04, 2017 at 11:31AM by Cedar Williams

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