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Council provided first reading to Bylaw 2018-11 at the Regular Meeting of Council November 27, which would see the introduction of lifetime licensing for dogs. This is great news for dog owners who could see savings over the lifetime of an average dog of between $360 - $600 based on current rates. The good news is slightly offset with proposed fee increases to $60 for neutered/spayed dogs and $100 for non-neutered/non-spayed dogs, but as a onetime fee, overall, it’s still a good deal. Administration advised Council that there has been little to no increase in fees since 2007, $30 has remained constant for neutered/spayed dogs with only a slight increase for non-neutered/non-spayed dogs in 2013.

The majority of dog owners in Thorsby are responsible for their dogs and recognize that the licensing system is a way to ensure that their pets can be returned to them quickly on the odd occasion they take off on an adventure, the change in the licensing system reinforces that stance. Additional benefits to the proposed licensing change will be cost savings resulting from reduced bylaw enforcement hours required to follow up on annual compliance.

The Bylaw will also see the addition of two classes of dogs; Nuisance Dogs and Restricted Dogs. Nuisance Dogs are defined as dogs who have been subject to three or more offences (barking, defecation or at large) within a three-year period and Restricted Dogs are dogs who have chased, attacked or bitten any person or animal causing physical injury or that have been made the subject of an order under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Fines associated with offences for dogs who have been deemed Nuisance or Restricted will be at a higher level.

The Town carried out a survey earlier in the year to engage the community on their views on dogs and in particular with regards to licensing and the number of dogs acceptable in residential areas. There is no proposed changed to the two-dog limit per household.

A copy of the proposed bylaw can be accessed below and paper copies can be requested at the Municipal Office.

DRAFT Bylaw 2018-11 - 1st reading

Author: Town of Thorsby


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