Summer  2017

We appreciate the patience of the public while we continue to work on solutions, and we acknowledge the frustration in what appears to be a less than desirable speedy solution to the matter. Water treatment is a complex operation and we must ensure that any steps we take are approached logically and measured for result or impact for the problem to be resolved. If everything were to happen simultaneously, it would be difficult to clearly identify which of the actions taken produced the desired positive results.

Last week we reported that we were liaising closely with Alberta Environment and Alberta Health, regarding the taste and odour issues and to help address concerns raised by residents. That continues to be true, and since that time, site visits and inspections have been completed by both Alberta Environment and Alberta Health and we have passed both inspections and are in compliance for all testing.

Water tests carried out by both the Town and Alberta Health continue to come back clear for results which we understand has been a concern for many residents. We propose to publish the reports and our regular weekly sampling results to our website during this period to reassure the public that our water is safe to drink despite the odour and taste that is currently affecting our water.

Sample results July 29 28

Sample results August 3

Sample results August 9


Did You Know?

Thorsby has a superb water management facility with membrane filtration and excess capacity.